Emerging European electronic music duo “AnnaOtta” is about to release “Such is Life“, an EP that, we believe, will spark the interest of anyone who is looking for novel approaches to electronic music.

AnnaOtta’s characteristic sound comes from their heavy use of vocal sampling, looping and live processing, combined with the use of custom-made digital synthesizers built from samples of their voices. Their songs range from humorous vocal experiments, to blissful dream-pop-like singing, to melancholic ambient atmospheres. Their creative process, with a strong focus on improvisation, fueled by their many years of combined experience in jazz, pop and world music, keeps their music fresh, fragile and unusual yet surprisingly familiar.

Such is Life” is their third release and a collaboration with their friend and jazz pianist Lucia Fumero. It will be released on June 16th.

AnnaOtta’s third release “Such is life” features piano player Lucia Fumero, the duo’s collaborator and friend for many years. This sonic trip reflects on the melancholy, absurdity and humour of their mutual experience of living abroad in the Netherlands while entering their adulthood. Three millennial expats challenging their identities not to conform to clichées and expectations. All the sounds originate from live processed vocals and one synthesiser, giving “Such is life” the same peculiar mixture of electronic and iotic textures as its predecessors “What if” and “This wasn’t real”.

The album’s mood alternates strong and expressive songs with the search of a delicate balance between darkness and charm. Its slow tempos and gloomy melodies, influenced by the 90s trip hop music that they grew up with, are constantly shaken by the rough and experimental approach of AnnaOtta. The lyrics are inspired by the words of the Turkish-european writer Elif Shafak. The songs were recorded in one take and on three tracks, in an improvised session in Barcelona, January 2019. They were afterwards edited by AnnaOtta and produced by Christian Hostert.