Following a series of successful solo EPs, supported by the likes of BBC Introducing and Reprezent Radio (including a previous editorial placement on Spotify’s Fresh Finds UK & IE), ‘Never Give Up‘ by British artist August is a powerful story of self-actualisation laced with deep space beats and a dreamy Jungle twist. The perfect addition to your ‘Good Energy’ and ‘Run N Bass’ Playlist.

Never Give Up’. So much power in so few words. Determination. Passion. Persistence… It’s the song that’s been screaming inside AUGUST her entire life. Following a series of successful solo EPs, supported by the likes of BBC Introducing and Reprazent Radio, ‘Never Give Up’ is the most honest, heartfelt and direct reation the Bristol artist has given the world so far.

A cosmic serenade laced with deep space beats and a dreamy jungle twist, it’s a love letter to the flame hat’s been burning brightly in AUGUST’s soul for all these years, liberally lighting unquenchable creative fires for as long as the Bristol artist can remember. Unclassifiable by genre, inspirational by intention; ‘Never Give Up‘ is a powerful story of self-actualisation. It’s the summit of AUGUST’s journey so far.

An ongoing journey that’s taken from her west coast roots to London and back again, her fire burning amid a menu of stage and sonic disciplines. Settled into the craft as both a solo singer/songwriter, a producer and the founder of the renowned festival-slaying contemporary vocal troupe Bass Choir, AUGUST’s flame has never burnt as brightly as it is right now.

Working closely with co-producer Eusebeia – a like-minded maverick with roots deep in the thriving rave and jungle movements – AUGUST is honing in on her sound more and more with every release. Discovering her own signature and spirit through a ewitching boundaryless brew that references some of UK culture’s most piquant ingredients, her vision weaves between trip hop to jungle, breakbeat to neo soul and myriad fusions in between. ‘Never Give Up’ is a perfect example of AUGUST’s alchemy and an exciting sign of where she wants to take it next.

More releases are planned in 2023 each one packing more determination, passion and persistence than the last.

She’s just warming up here.

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