The Electronic and ambient artist Benjamin Mauch is set to release his debut-album ‘The Painted Doorway‘ featuring the focus track ‘Through the Doorway‘ on the 16th of June.

Benjamin Mauch is a musician and multi-instrumentalist from Richmond, USA. When his not fulfilling his duties as a teacher at a local school, he’s most probably hiding is his studio playing around and creating meditative soundscapes on his many synths and tape loops.

Benjamin Mauch is ready to grace the music scene with his new album release on June 16. A thrilling journey through the realms of Ambient Electronica, Deep House, and Downtempo, the album comprises seven immersive tracks.

Pre-release singles from the album have already garnered attention from reputable blogs like Acid Ted Blog and Tome to the Weather Machine. The focus track, ‘Through the Doorway‘ stands out with its vibrant deep-house energy, offering an upbeat and refreshing musical retreat that invites listeners into a world of relaxation.