“Ride Out” is a dynamic collaboration between Born Dirty and Tchami, featuring Manny Torres, released under Insomniac Records. This track brings back the essence of old-school house music with a modern twist, creating an irresistible groove. The rhythm is tightly constructed, with crisp hi-hats and snappy snares driving the beat forward. The bassline is the standout element, providing a deep, pulsating foundation that anchors the track and keeps the energy levels high.

Manny Torres’ vocal performance complements the instrumental perfectly, adding a soulful touch that elevates the overall vibe. The track exudes an infectious energy, making it impossible to stay still. The production quality is top-notch, showcasing the artists’ expertise in crafting compelling house music.

“Ride Out” is a high-quality track that captures the spirit of house music while infusing it with fresh, contemporary elements. We’re thrilled to feature this energetic anthem on our webzine.