Christian Löffler and Mogli share a new melodic electronic track, “Envy“, haunting vocals and the energetic beat – a warm and an uplifting journey which inspires confidence.

An interesting piece, sweet, gentle, which caresses our soul and accompanies us through a mystical journey.

Treading the line between soft ambient rhythms and the hard punch of deep house, Christian Löffler has made a name for himself with his emotive strain of electronic music. For this new track, the internationally celebrated producer invites Mogli to weave in her disarmingly honest and haunting vocals to his immersive beats and synth-scapes. Mogli rose to fame with her debut album Wanderer, the soundtrack to her Netflix and box-office hit Expedition Happiness, a documentary she directed which chronicled her adventures travelling through North America on a converted school bus. From this release on, the singer has continued journaling her experiences through several mediums – music included. Envy is part of Christian Löffler’s highly anticipated, upcoming album which is expected to land in Autumn.

There’s something innocent about Envy – perhaps it’s the honesty with which Mogli delivers her lyrics, or maybe it’s the luminescence of Löffler’s synths and beats. Either way, it’s a track that breathes youthfulness, it calls for letting it all go and rediscovering a connection to yourself. “For me, this song marks a point in my artistic life where I took a step back from everything and wanted to start over again. After working on orchestral pieces for the Shellac project “Parallels”, I wanted to return to electronic music in my purest intention,” says Christian Löffler. “Envy is about the moment you stop caring about the people you leave behind when you grow. It’s not worth it to dim your light,” adds Mogli. 

Collaborators and friends, Christian Löffler and Mogli also share an exceptional synergy on stage, and it’s only right that Envy also capture this kinship. “Working with Christian is very special. We speak to each other through music and it just makes sense on an emotional level,” says Mogli. There’s an immediate amiability to the track that not only mirrors their intimacy but also both artists’ desire to express themselves truthfully, without pretence. Löffler has made a name for himself through electronic sound journeys that speak straight to the heart, and Mogli is also known for channelling deeply personal and highly relatable themes such as self-empowerment and vulnerability in her creations – be them songs, film, dance or fashion. With Envy, these two sensitive souls come together to carve out a safe space, creating a track that’s open, honest and accepting. The singer’s transparency added to the producer’s warmth, come together in an uplifting journey which inspires confidence in the listener.