In this review, we have the pleasure of featuring three captivating tracks by Citizen Kain and Eleonora under UNSEEN Records, showcasing their prowess in the Melodic Techno & House genre.

“Your Heart (Original Mix)” is a compelling journey through deep, melodic soundscapes. The track opens with a pulsating bassline that sets a hypnotic rhythm, immediately drawing listeners in. Eleonora’s ethereal vocals weave seamlessly with the lush synth layers, creating a sense of emotional depth and introspection. The intricate percussive elements add texture and complexity, making it a standout piece that resonates with both heart and mind.

In “Your Heart (Fred Lenix Remix),” Fred Lenix takes the original and injects a fresh, dynamic energy. The remix retains the emotional core of Eleonora’s vocals but ramps up the intensity with a driving beat and a more pronounced bassline. Lenix’s interpretation adds a darker, more urgent atmosphere, utilizing crisp hi-hats and snare hits to enhance the track’s dancefloor appeal. This remix is a perfect blend of melodic introspection and rhythmic intensity, offering a new perspective on the original composition.

“One Day” rounds out this trio with a more uplifting vibe. The track features a bright, arpeggiated synth line that propels it forward, creating a sense of optimism and forward momentum. The bassline is smooth yet assertive, perfectly complementing the vibrant melodies. Percussion is used sparingly but effectively, allowing the melodic elements to shine. “One Day” is an anthem of hope and perseverance, encapsulating the emotive power and technical finesse that Citizen Kain and Eleonora consistently deliver.