Introducing Dessauer an artist creating forward thinking electronica with a multi-faceted story that lives within it. Picking up the pieces of a fragmented family and personal history marred by distance and war, Dessauer’s new EP “Limbic Resonance” tells a twofold story of reclamation; that of heritage, and of self.

Dessauer, whose pen name is taken from his maternal grandmother’s lineage, was misdiagnosed with Bipolar disorder at age 13, and subsequently overmedicated. After living in a neurochemical haze for the duration of his teenage years, now healthy, Dessauer returns to Germany, the country his family fled from nearly a century ago, to begin anew. Embodying themes of anxiety and fear, excitement and immersion, submission and ego death – and ultimately, rebirth, Dessauer’s first ever solo release draws from the reservoir of his cross-continental journey within.

The first track taken from his debut project is “Illusion Of Separateness”, an experimental electronic track which taps into the depths of Dessauer’s past – and future.

“There’s a certain heaviness to what I’ve been through, I think that’s reflected in the music” Dessauer admits. “That said, I’m actually one of the most optimistic people I know. It’s comical really. But I just feel grateful to be here, expressing myself and telling my story”.