South African artist Dj KANE wanted to share his latest work, “Goodbye”, with us. The track – already from the first listening – proves to be of high quality, thanks to an intelligent choice of sounds and a truly high musical taste of the artist. These elements, combined together, create a classy and very pleasant atmosphere.

Kane’s inspiration for underground house music started in his early years of exploring club culture and nightlife, not only in South Africa but globally. That same inspiration, he later turned into a reality when he founded the brand Phonography Playground, which is an artist / dj brand and entertainment company which started in 2020. Phonography Playground is well on it’s way to building an authentic and purest organic house community.

Kane wants to have an impact on the souls of people and watch them feel happiness from the music he plays. Kane alongside phonography have hosted several events including yacht parties, a warehouse festival, and showcases at various venues. Kane’s style of music is organic and deep tech. He drew inspiration from artists like Above and Beyond, Modd and Rigooni. Their well-composed and driving tracks speak to him and thrill him when playing for a crowd. You can only expect S-Tier music coming from Kane this year as well as Phonography Playground.