Forging a jaw-dropping hit for electronic music fans, Onhell and Eastghost have teamed up on their brand-new single, “Vanishing Point”. Marking their debut collab together, the track kicks off with a cyber-esque sequence of synths and crisp snares. Next, it leads into a dazzling display of vocal echoes and a phonk-heavy beat. As “Vanishing Point” progresses, the pair of producers deliver mesmerizing soundscapes that build to a climax.

Keeping its audience on the edge of their seats, the song evolves into a trap-centric vibe on the drop. Between the attention to detail surrounding every layer of sound and shifting moods throughout, “Vanishing Point” is remarkable. These two artists showcase their abilities to mold genres into a musical style that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Onhell is a phonetic respelling of the Spanish pronunciation of angel and the first name of Los Angeles based composer, producer and DJ, Angel Rubio-Hale. “I feel stretched between lots of influences. In my music, I embrace these contrasts, the light and the dark, the feminine and the masculine, the melody and the dissonance. In my live sets, I enjoy building a bridge between different sounds by merging together bass, rap, and experimentally anomalous music. That way, people experience an atmosphere that broadens perspectives while also encouraging everyone to turn up and party”, says Onhell.