Eauki’s latest track, “Kinda Lovin’,” is a masterclass in the Future / UK Garage and Breakbeat genres. This moody piece captivates listeners from the start with its intricate rhythm patterns and deep, pulsating bassline. The rhythmic elements are particularly impressive, blending syncopated beats with smooth, rolling hi-hats that create a dynamic and engaging flow. The bassline is rich and textured, providing a solid foundation that complements the track’s overall atmospheric vibe.

“Kinda Lovin'” stands out with its ability to evoke a deep sense of emotion while maintaining a danceable groove. The production quality is top-notch, showcasing Eauki’s refined craftsmanship and attention to detail. The track’s moody undertones are perfect for late-night listening, offering a journey through sound that is both introspective and invigorating.

We are thrilled to feature this outstanding track on our webzine, recognizing Eauki’s talent and contribution to the genre. “Kinda Lovin'” is a must-listen for fans of cutting-edge electronic music.