A very interesting song is presented to us by the Turkish producer ERKAN. His latest work, “At the End of My Time” represents the second single from the ep of the same name: a song with clear electronic influences, accompanied by Erkan’s voice, very interesting and deep.

Born in Ankara, Turkey, Erkan started his music career as a drummer. From there he expanded his musical knowledge with guitar and vocals to become a songwriter. Today, Erkan pushes the boundaries of conventional genres merging progressive rock, folk, and more. His style creates a soundscape that creates an auditory journey for the listener.

Erkan grew up listening to Sting, ABBA, Pink Floyd, Steven Wilson, and heavier bands such as Iron Maiden and Metallica. His biggest influence, however, is progressive rock music from the 70’s. Bands like Camel, Genesis, and King Crimson influenced his drumming style the most, landing him a seat at Berklee College of Music. During college, he started familiarizing himself with indie and folk music. Growing more and more towards folk music, he started to experiment with his two favorite genres: Folk and Progressive Rock. His EP “At the End of My Time” is an anthology about real life struggles with folklore stories. It is set to release in 2023 with the second single “At the End of My Time” set to release in May 2023.