“Ocean of Friends” by Eyal Zusman & Amir Lev is a standout Lo-fi House track released under the Digistage label. From the outset, the track captivates with its intricate rhythm patterns, blending laid-back grooves with a steady, compelling beat. The percussion is both subtle and engaging, creating a hypnotic flow that invites the listener into a serene auditory journey.

The bassline is another highlight, providing a warm and robust foundation that perfectly complements the track’s rhythmic elements. It’s deep and resonant, driving the track forward without overpowering the delicate melodic layers that float above it.

The overall mood of “Ocean of Friends” is tranquil yet invigorating, a perfect soundtrack for both relaxation and introspection. This track showcases Zusman and Lev’s skill in crafting sophisticated, high-quality music that resonates on multiple levels. We are thrilled to feature this exceptional piece on our webzine.