We are pleased to share with you this track by German producer Fleanger, “African Dreams“. A real hymn to inner peace, harmony and beauty. Listening to this work, we suddenly find ourselves in the midst of the fantastic African atmospheres, we feel nature in all its forms.

“‘African Dreams״ describes a complete journey into the continent of Africa translated into a piece that best describes the artist’s vibe and feeling on the continent – Fleanger told us – The goal is to dive into the melodies and get the atmosphere as if you are in the desert and the wind is caressing your face. And for those who hear the track to feel Africa as the artist experienced it, quiet and sometimes wild. You can feel the atmosphere of calmness and peace that exists on the track. You can see that there are many ways to describe Africa, one of them is the way of calmness. And the peace it inspires”

Discovered by Mussosoup, a contribution was made by the artist to help cover our staff/web costs.