“Gaia” is the new work of the British producer Fractal Architect: chill atmospheres in a track with a downtempo soul. Electronic elements take us by the hand and make us explore the artist’s world.

Fractal Architect is the artist name for the DJ and producer Dan Watts. A veteran Electronic music aficianado who was one of the early pioneers to usher in the ‘new sound’ from Detroit and Chicago in the late 1980’s.

Honing his skills as a DJ firstly through warehouse parties and Illegal raves, then secondly through successful club residencies and as a promoter, Dan has borne witness to the development of dance music culture in the UK and Europe over the last 25 years. With signings to many high profile labels including Steyoyoke, Inner Symphony, Manual Music, KDB and Cinematique, Dan operates at the vanguard of contemporary electronic music.