Funkcut present their new single “Wild Bird“, a mix of breaks and mellow groove that teleports the audience to a Summer time where the danceability and sensuality have been found.

Funkcut is a duo-band formed by Alex Flowa García and Javier García, both composers with a deeply desire to place into electronic the understanding of the roots that they acquired following each own music path individually. It was a huge and comfortable feeling when their music paths crossed to intersect and fit themselves perfectly when they began writing their first EP “Synchronicity” which took themselves to open the Roberto Verino’s catwalk in Madrid Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in 2018 with the song ” Storm in your soul “.

After both having a reflexive period of time, they were involved in learning some new writing and musical techniques what allowed them to begin their new album called “Reborn“, released in September 2022 with the single Mountains that was nominated for its music video in several international film festivals around the globe. Now, they are in a new music era, beginning with the creation of “Blue Blazer”, a single with mellow sounds, groovy beats, chill melodies and trippy 70’s guitar solo style, which will be the perfect recipe for a first track of a new EP during 2023.