The American producer Gianfranco Pescetti shared with us his latest work, “The Wake“, a track full of melancholy and class that is a pleasure to listen to.

Accurate sounds, impeccable choice of edit and a trip that involves us. “The Wave” is a song that is imprinted in memory and that conveys emotions.

“This electronic instrumental piece explores the theme of melancholy for a time past, death, and new beginnings, particularly in the context of the Covid pandemic – Gianfranco Pescetti told us – The title has a dual meaning, referring to both the practice of mourning and the path left behind by a boat, a symbol of movement and progress. As an electronic musician, I am constantly exploring new ways to express emotions through music, and I believe that “The Wake” is a perfect example of this.”

Discovered by Mussosoup, a contribution was made by the artist to help cover our staff/web costs