Performance” by German producer HarryKlein is progressive melodic techno genre, the track contains more energie, patience, experience, hard work. This is 120 BPM , had power and good for making people dancing or if you drive, you can also get the groove and you just get best feeling.

Harry Steven Rajaonarivelo, aka HarryKlein, was born in Madagascar and he now lives in Germany. He started making music, when he was 14 years old.He rapidly after started to produce music with FL studio and in 2021 released his first single on Spotify, Mountains. His always chose techno when it comes to production in the studio. HarryKlein debuted in the year 2021 on Spotify and many music streaming services with his first three records : Mountains, Thanks Israel’s God and Endless. His message ” I’m glad to keep you in a good mood with my Music”.