Gospel II – II” is the track that Swedish producer icoro shared with us.

“This soundscape concludes the 3rd part of the album Process. Hope you like it!”, says icoro.

This music is strong, melodic and beat oriented and has evolved from the first icoro-sessions in 1996. It contains a blend of electronic and acoustic music instruments – sometimes with voices – added sounds and sound treatments.

The music is based on the experiences accumulated by Anders Nästén and reflects many different styles of music that has been formed to a proprietary blend.

Early influences originates from 70´s hard rock as well as Miles Davis funk music from the same era. Electronic music from the UK, France and Germany also played an important role as a source of inspiration and modern classical composers are also very indicative for the music creation. Other sources of inspiration are too numerous to be listed.

Music and technology are a close-knit unit and at times parts composes themself as a result of the circumstances created. Diverse music sound treatments have affected and renewed the arrangements. The music-making is based on a strong will to discover and an enthusiasm for trying out new musical combinations that all results in a pleasing listening experience.

Process” is the sequel to Zoo and has a gloomier touch than its predecessor. The music may describe a path to change. The recordings were carried out with the same stereo microphones & location for – generally – all acoustic instruments.

Anders Nästén: Remaining instruments – not played by other performing musicians, sounds, sound processing & voices.

Music & Production by Anders Nästén.

Recorded & mixed by Anders Nästén in STUDIO 54 big bang Stockholm 2002. 4 1998. Mastering: Anders Nästén STUDIO 54 big bang 2005.