La stagione Bauhaus è quasi arrivata alla fine (forse) ma due grandi sorprese sono previste per il pubblico del party che sta facendo ballare Bergamo all’Under Music Club, dove sembra di essere in una futuristica warehouse dell’Europa più techno.

La prima delle ultime due sorprese è il DJ e producer tedesco con origini nigeriane Ray Okpara che darà prova delle sue skills giovedì 30 aprile, spianando la strada all’ospite dell’ultima grande data della stagione Bauhaus il 22 maggio: &ME.

Ray Okpara è il volto felice della house made in Germania, ma dietro il suo sorriso c’è la serietà di un producer che ha vissuto innumerevoli esperienze ottenendo ambiziosi risultati. Sono 27 le release che Ray Okpara ha creato dal 2007 ad oggi e innumerevoli le collaborazioni con alti artisti della scena.

Ray Okpara rappresenta l’evoluzione della house: percussioni, travolgenti e ipnotici beats, un tocco di soul e chiari toni deep.

“House is a feeling and Ray Okpara has his finger firmly on the pulse”.

Ray ha un secondo nome “Amaefule” che letteralmente significa “il tuo nome non si perderà mai”. La sua label personale si chiama infatti “Ama” che oltre a essere un volontario richiamo al latino “amorem” rappresenta il forte legame che si crea attraverso la musica.

Ecco la nostra intervista a questo fantastico e sorridente artista.

Imagine you’re a dj that plays essentially house music and you’re time-traveling in the past. Youhave to play in a club that is actually a landmark of house music. What would be different fromnowadays?

Really good question! :

-no cdjs 2000 only 1210 & maybe some denon cd player who nobody uses.

-no crowd infront of you blending you with there smart phone-light

-people dancing and listening to the music instead of taking pix

-old skool sound systems which sound mostly like techno. But still very nice.

-hearing some scraches from the vinyl now and then

_-ess LEDs in the club, not so big light shows.

-skipping needles

-giving away records to some fans

-vinyls on the floor of the dj-booth while playing. Then you notice: “shit that one of my favourites”

-still playing a record which I bouth 6months ago. I still play every thing I like no matter from when.

-who recorded the set after the party. Then we would listen to that set for hundreds of times <3

You’re a smiley guy and we appreciate that. What do you think about djs who make of sadness and seriousness the main traits of their figure?

Are there dj who do that? —> depressed people

You have Nigerian ancestors but you live in Berlin. What can we find in you that reminds us of these places?

My dad is from Umuahia, Nigeria & my mom is from Berlin, Germany. I think my way of living is more the german. But I dont look like the typical german. But my voice/temper is a typical nigerian: LOUD! 🙂

Which is the worst question ever made to you in an interview?

It was soooo bad that I had to forget it!

You will play at Bauhaus Party in Bergamo on Thursday: What do you think about Italian audience?

I have been playing in Italy since some years. But this is my first gig since a while in bella italia. I love the crowd cause the can party hard. My favs in Italy were always: Goa, Rashomon, and with my friends from Fregene near Roma. Always good times!!!

You’re on a desert island. What would you want to have with you?

Three things you can’t be without. My family, my studio & my friends = everything!

Which of your productions are you the most affectionate to? Why?

Hmmmm, my next ep on Mobilee Records. Just got a new summing mixer, new compressor, and I am sooooo happy with the sound. Coming end of May!

What do you listen when you feel or want to feel happy?

Acoustic guitar music!

The last is an ordinary question. What about your future projects?

-my new born baby “it´s ours” my partys series WWW.ITSOURS.NET

-some new music projects with artists like the talented christian nielsen, my long friend nekes,

-sonar 2015 coming up.

Waiting for the summer sun <3

see you guys on thursday…!