A deep and precise take utilizing the ethereal vocals from Jakke, Curt composed a driving dance floor forward house tune that pays homage to a classic feel with progressive and melodic moments of euphoria. A growling low end that keeps the listener moving with a blend of uplifting sonic elements to showcase the diversity of how one can feel upon dancing and letting go.

Edgy, sexy and always vibey – Jakke is the newly created alt indie-electronica moniker of LA artist and songwriter, Jake Goble.

For fans of: Glass Animals, Phantogram, Portugal. The Man

Since building a reputation for himself under his genesis alt rock project, Enjune in 2018, Goble has spent the last 2 years cultivating a new brand of music under the alias, Jakke.

“I realized it was important for me to identify the core musical identity I had become since I started making music legitimately. Enjune will always be a vehicle I release certain records under, but Jakke is the driver of it all. When I work on projects of my own or with others, that’ll always be the name you see.”

Jakke released his debut EP, HOW DO YOU LOVE, on Friday, August 26th, 2023.

“This next EP takes a lot of my most meaningful live concert inspirations of dope alt rock bands and blends them into my own special sauce sound. (Think Glass Animals meets Phantogram). ‘Waves’, was the best pick as first release as it represents all the new music coming, as well as acts as a bridge to my older indie-pop rock songs.”

Currently, Jakke is releasing a series of remixes done by producers & friends around the globe, reimagining each song from the EP. Long involved in the dance music community but never making dance music himself until now, the project is an opportunity for Jakke to step into the world of dance music and bring his own flavor to the scene.