John Darque’s debut album, SIREN on SPRINGSTOFF, is a journey through moods and melancholy, with raw, industrial-flavored tracks like “Club Foot” and the title track “SIREN” featuring distorted, rattling drums and sinister drones.

The emotional “I Must Be Lonely” features towering reverb and a descent into melancholy, while “Hay Fever” introduces new elements and lifts the mood with dreamy chords and grainy percussion. “America’s Favorite Breakfast Cereal” offers a break from the heavy kick drums with a dub-influenced sound, before “Consistency” returns to an ominous atmosphere.

The album concludes with “No Feeling Is Final” and “Blue Flowers” a collage of ambient soundscapes that pulse and intensify with tireless rhythm. The songs on SIREN were developed through jam sessions and improvisation, allowing inspiration to grow and evolve into their final form.