From the first listening it is clear that “Memory” is a superior quality track. The song, produced by the Canadian artist Jordan John with the collaboration and the splendid voice of Nika Cole was released on the eViVE label.

Uniquely combining elements of melodic techno with distinctive tribal and Afro house influences, Toronto-based Swiss-Caribbean DJ/producer Jordan John is one of the most exciting new artists to arrive on the music scene.

Jordan John is a highly respected Tribal, Melodic, and Deep House producer who bridges the gap between the physical & electronic realms by creating an immersive and euphoric experience. His musical performances transport fans to a new dimension by captivating their soul with unique & abstract sounds featuring compulsive basslines, restorative melodies, and powerful progressions.

Although Jordan is highly noted for his blend of Tribal, Melodic, and Deep House performances, his unique persona and unmatched ear for music allow him to seamlessly provide contagious genre-bending energy of all facets of house music that serenades a blissful and encapsulating setting; producing a trance which bonds the crowd with his unparalleled performances.