French producer Kamiya lets us listen to his latest work, “Corderie”, taken from his album “Few Notes, No Torments” released on the 95SOUND label. It is an ambient track, with sounds that come directly from nature and – together with the skilful use of synths – generate a dense and relaxing atmosphere.

Jean Cochard, making music under the moniker Kamiya, is a French musician, live sound technician and mixing engineer. As he started exploring different faces of electronic music through the last decade by melting genres and textures, his musical work caught attention through the new electronic genre called «Wave».

As he grew with the SoundCloud culture with the underground scene from 2012, he also produced for rappers, such as Bones in 2019 for his album « Kicking The Bucket ». He met the new-Jersey rapper Menkare in July 2019 and through this connection came a solid collaborative project called « Deepwish ».

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He also cultivated a few collaborations for advertising, as ambient music remains a main direction for his body of work. He is currently invested in the process of his debut album « Few notes, No Torments », which will be out during the second half of 2022.