“Contempt” is the latest work by British producer Kennovation: a work that combines melody with a techno groove, dark and electronic sounds. But listening to this track we feel that there is much more behind it: “Contempt is more than just a melodic techno/progressive house track, it’s a piece of my heart – Kennovation told us -. It reflects the struggles I’ve faced from folks who didn’t quite take me seriously on my 9-year music journey. Yeah, it’s been a long ride, but all those ups and downs helped shape my sound. I’ve got my DJ name, Kennovation, for a reason – I like to shake things up. So, I decided to use AI to handle some of the nitty-gritty production stuff. This let me dive deep into the emotional core of the track, making it more soulful, more ‘me’. Contempt is a big step in my journey, and I think it’s got a bit of the future in it – a cool blend of raw human emotion and tech.”