La Vie Sauvage’s single, ‘Hedonism on Repeat‘ featuring Pet Snake, initially made waves in 2022. However, the song has now received an intense, raw, and industrial treatment for its 2023 re-release.

Crafted during the challenging period of lockdown, this track blends an escapist theme inspired by the world’s chaotic state, a touch of nihilism for equilibrium, and showcases rich 80’s-style vocals and production. It serves as the perfect soundtrack to the ultimate party in a post-apocalyptic world.

In this remixed version, La Vie Sauvage has skillfully infused a darker essence into a beloved classic from his repertoire, aligning it more closely with his evolving artistic style. Simultaneously, he has taken advantage of the opportunity to enhance the original by giving it a modern touch, which is also included in the release as an edited version alongside the single.