Running the spectrum from introspective beats to dancefloor destroyers, LOR’s music channels both electronic and indie influences. Whether transmitting melodic house heartbreak or unleashing resilient spacerave breaks, each LOR track conveys a deep sense of narrative.

Take ‘Warpdrive’ for instance. “It’s the soundtrack in my head to a rave on a spacecraft that’s aggressively blasting through the cosmos at warp speed, travelling beyond the known reaches of the universe,” says LOR. “The TB303 acid sound is pivotal to the evolution of electronic music. Making a nod to the past while looking to the future, I wanted to reinvigorate those acid leads in this track as my new journey as LOR gets underway.”

Dropping on revered bass music imprint Elektroshok Records, ‘Warpdrive’ is a turbocharged beast that leaves you breathless, as its brutal breakbeats, layers of distortion and squealing pads all hurtle along at breakneck speed, bending the very fabric of space-time. Hitch a ride.