Berlin-based cross act Lump200 is going to publish their 5th album Isles of You. Their unique electro-acoustic clash will be released for public participation.

On April 28th the last single “Cex” from this hybrid release drops. It features Els Vandeweyer on vibraphone. However, Lump200‘s directionless universe leads you back to yourself.“ This is how Forced Exposure announced the first releases of Lump200 in the noughties, there were 4 singles and an album on Mentalgroove/Kompakt. Luke Slater snatched some of these tracks for his Fear And Loathing 2 Decks Mixes. René Desalmand – feet, heart, head and hands of Lump200 – who already had released some avant-garde collisions on Platinum Projects (Sub-Mo’Wax) before starting Lump200, studied Jazz saxophone and (co-)produced a bunch of radio plays and transmedial features as well as he contributed to several interdisciplinary works – some of them highly awarded.

Since then there has been three off-label albums and two bands that eased the eccentric tracks for the dance floor. The modular sound permanently switches from composition to improvisation and back. What keeps Lump200 together is rather a pointed kind of phrasing and combining than a clear genre identity. And more and more there were experiments that question the separation of stage and floor.

With partner gravity&storm Lump200 are developing an open and inclusive project platform: Every project starts with a piece of time (image and sound matrix) on which users can easily record and publish their own audio contributions, voice, music, whatever sounds.

All published takes can be arranged and edited on the matrix – a variety of versions can co-exist and be shared. The beta version of islesofyou is already online. In this first version users can embed their voices into reduced Lump200 tracks and projects. The app will be updated step by step until any user can upload and curate their own projects and initiate a variety of co- and crowd-creations.