Depths of Perception” by producer Nebula Noise is a sonic meditation, inviting listeners to surrender to the ebb and flow of its mesmerizing soundscapes. It is a musical journey that resonates with the seekers of introspection and those curious to explore the uncharted territories of their own consciousness.

Nebula Noise is an experimental ambient drone artist known for crafting captivating sonic landscapes that transport listeners into ethereal realms. Formed in 2023, their unique soundscapes are born from an imaginative combination of unconventional sources and intricate layering techniques. The debut EP, “Astral Atmospheres” serves as the portal through which listeners can embark on Nebula Noise’s mesmerizing journey. Unconventional in its genesis, the EP’s atmospheric compositions were meticulously crafted using a broken dishwasher as the primary sound source.

This unlikely inspiration provided them with a rich palette of fragmented mechanical noises, which they artfully transformed and augmented with additional layers, textures, and ethereal tones. The result is a captivating blend of organic and synthetic elements, merging into a coherent sonic tapestry that invites introspection and contemplation. Prepare for a sonic voyage with Nebula Noise, as they transport listeners beyond the ordinary world into astral realms. Through their immersive soundscapes, even broken dishwashers become catalysts for celestial dreams.