Review: NUEQ – “Ammonites Wall”

NUEQ’s latest track, “Ammonites Wall,” is a stellar addition to the IDM and Glitch Hop genres. This track is a rhythmic marvel, with complex, meticulously crafted beats that keep listeners on their toes. The intricate drum patterns are a standout, showcasing NUEQ’s talent for creating dynamic and engaging rhythms. The bassline is equally impressive, providing a deep, pulsating foundation that drives the track forward with energetic momentum.

The mood of “Ammonites Wall” shifts seamlessly between moody and epic, creating an immersive listening experience. The track’s glitch elements add an unpredictable, yet harmonious layer to the soundscape, making each listen a unique journey. NUEQ has masterfully balanced these elements to produce a track that is both moody and energetic, capturing the essence of modern glitch hop.

Overall, “Ammonites Wall” is a high-quality production that exemplifies NUEQ’s skill and creativity. We’re thrilled to feature this track on our webzine.