The legendary Plaid brings us his remix of “Not What You Expected” by American artist Optometry and released on Palette Recordings. It is an electronic/glitch track that lets the unmistakable style of the Plaid talent shine through without too much difficulty.

Optometry is a Los Angeles-based music duo comprised of John Tejada and March Adstrum. Tejada, known for many years as an electronic artist, handles the production duties while Adstrum takes care of vocals and guitars. The band focuses on themes of life, love and loss, weaving seductively melancholic textures together with synths, drum machines, guitars and bass. Adstrum’s ethereal voice and guitar work bring the electronics to life with heartfelt expression and emotion, while Tejada’s use of vintage rhythm boxes, synths and effects provide a solid sense of authenticity. Optometry’s debut album, After-Image, will be released March 3, 2023.