Entering the enchanted world of the British band Penguin Cafe is wonderful. We took a deep dive into their latest work, “Find Your Feet“, and we must admit that it is a real pleasure to feature them in our webzine.

Find Your Feet” is the latest single from their upcoming album Rain Before Seven… due for release July 7 via Erased Tapes. It’s the latest from Arthur Jeffes’ idiosyncratic instrumental outfit that continues the tradition of the Penguin Cafe Orchestra that begun with Arthur’s dad Simon releasing records for the project with Brian Eno.

“Find Your Feet” is a standout rhythmic track which blends slick, tight global grooves with uplifting orchestral chops.

“This track started life as a little groove on piano and ukulele – all based on reversing shapes across the bar. It’s a trick often used in South American music, hence the slightly Caribbean/South American vibe. The structure does end up being quite minimalist and then it’s just a question of the other elements having fun over the top…” – Arthur Jeffes, band leader.