The Glory (Reprise)“, the new track by Canadian producer Prince Josh is a delicate and intimate song capable of taking us by the hand throughout its duration. A vocal that reassures us, an accurate choice of sounds.

Prince Josh returns after two years with new single “The Glory (Reprise)“, a taste from his upcoming album out later this year.

The song was recorded in spring 2021 with the help of producer Joel Ford and marked a stylistic shift from his hazy lo-fi take on dance music to a crisp three dimensional sound. Having hit a wall trying to find material to sample he started writing full songs with the intention of ripping them apart to create something new. The idea evolved into a process of recording two separate works for each track. The song features chopped and screwed vocals from a piano ballad recorded with singer Lauren Armstrong.

The Glory (Reprise)” is just a small piece of a much larger musical puzzle.