Ryvage releases a dark, punchy and poetic techno track in collaboration with Luxembourgish actress Elsa Rauchs. “We composed the track as if it were a soundtrack to a scene from an imaginary movie” explains Ryvage.

Originally conceived as a commission for the geo-located soundwalk Nightsongs exploring the post-industrial landscape of southern Luxembourg, the track is composed largely from field-recordings collected in abandoned steel factories and incorporates references to the readings of both artists and more particularly to Rainer Maria Rilke’s “Poems to Night”.

During the almost four minutes of the pulsating rythm, the music and the lyrics invite us into the mind of an insomniac woman, living in a dystopian future, who has decided to devote herself entirely to the night, even if this means losing the ability to understand the rules of the day. But the uncompromising reality of a society where time, attention and constant productivity are intrinsically linked to be the ultimate currency eventually catches up and takes over.

An interior monologue is established, which we do not know if it corresponds to a real experience or to a paranoid imagination. The music video, directed by up-and-coming film-maker Ted Kayumba, follows the character as she wanders through the night, painting an inner picture of a mind thirsting for freedom but beset by uncertainties.