The song we have the honor of hearing today comes from the collaboration between Sargeant and Comrade and is titled “Love Someone (Mo Gravy Mix)“.

It is an intimate, delicate song, with clear lo-fi elements.

Yolanda Sargeant is the Queen of Lo-Fi Soul. A genre that she and her producer Comrade (Evgeniy) pioneered after not being able to find an appropriate label that fits their eclectic style. The duo infuses jazz, soul, funk, dancehall, hip-hop, as well as other genres into a unique sound that combines the old with the new.

Sargeant’s rich vocals take centre stage while Comrade’s production takes you on a multi-layered, genre-bending journey from beginning to end. Add some high-profile musicians and features in the mix and you have the Sargeant X Comrade rich formula for their own unique brand of music which has earned them multiple awards in 2021-2022.