On June 2, Sebastian Clarin is already back with the new feverish single ‘Tongue Particles‘ which follows up the debut album ‘Aerial Cuts‘.

The hungry Sebastian Clarin has tasted blood from releasing music. The debut album ‘Aerial Cuts‘ was released last fall and now he is back with a new rawer and more direct electropop piece. We think this new single will get the darker dance floors rocking hard this summer.

“The writing of this song began during heavy fever chills. Something mysterious happens when you have 40 degrees Celsius in your body. I think it was the alternately cursed, alternately high state that made the song rawer, dirtier and simpler. The theme is sexual submission – regardless of inner doubts, just blindly surrendering to the dark, but in the moment, so intoxicating power when another person completely takes over one’s body system. You become like a vampire’s victim who finally begs to be bitten.”

Clarin’s musical creation comes from the same singer-songwriter tradition as Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen, but where the soundscape is its exact opposite. With grandiose electronic soundscapes, strong melodies and raw dance beats, he creates a form of modern new wave and electronic pop. Here, the 80s are mixed well with both the 90s and the present.

The new single is produced by The Future Sound of Stockholm’s Tobias Isaksson (Azure Blue, Nite Flights) who sensitively captured the essence of Clarin’s artistic vision and added rich layers of analog synths.

The debut album ‘Arial Cuts‘ with the singles ‘Aries‘, ‘Teeth (Cyanides)‘ and ‘High Blood Treasure‘ made Sebastian Clarin the talk of the town both in the international blogosphere and in solid media in Sweden and Scandinavia. The album was developed over several years together with the former techno producer Henrik B.

Sebastian Clarin – Tongue Particles

Single release 2 june

Label: The Future Sound of Stockholm

Distribution: ALOADED

Press pic: Johan Avedal