Unforgivable” by the producers Supramental is a story about getting rid of heavy stone on soul. The outlines of work were formed and acquired new meanings in process of sending project multiple times from musician to musician.

Hot surprise is hidden in the track, listen carefully and you will definitely find it! Let’s give a little hint: this is just one filtered sample from very famous ballad. Write to us if you know.

Track tells about duality of the world, while containing the effect of fresh breath after the rain. This atmosphere will immerse you in a vibe based on the classic UK Base with broken 2step beat. Happy listening.

Electronic duo of Andrey Andreev (AndRave) and Pavel Gorelikov (Unclepasha) from Russia.

Supported by Markus Schulz, Solarstone, Andy Moor, Matt Darey, M.I.K.E., Ronski Speed, Talla 2XLC, Andrew Parsons, Mr Sam & more. Releases on Lost Language (6) , Primal Records, Monsterwolf Music, Eventandrave & more. Last Hexagon release “Texture” was 8 times in the 1001tracklist weekly charts and made it to position 2 of the most supported songs in 3 weeks.

Everything got started in 1999. First PCs, first attempts of using DAW. Within the time he got necessary skills and sound that used to be unsophisticated turned to be more onsistent. Having absorbed all music-store’s electronic gifts (paying special attention to labels Ninja tune, Worp and artists Herbaliser, Four Tet, Massive Atack, Nightmares on Wax, Future Sound of London), he started to play dj-sets on cafes and clubs.

Later, in a duet with Unclepasha, they do the progressive trance project Supramental. As a result, in 2006 tracks “Magnum” and “Arcan“, featuring Karina Milli had an increasing success and were released on CD’s as a part of several compilation. Remix of British producer “Edu” was highly praised, which led to release on Lost Language Records.

Several EPs were released in 2009 on the UK label Primal Recordings. This made happy with a positive reaction, track “Butterfly” feat. Jeneva was supported by Markus Schulz, Solarstone, Andy Moor, Matt Darey, M.I.K.E., Ronski Speed, Talla 2XLC, Andrew Parsons, Mr Sam. In 2021 Supramental started his own label, Eventandrave Records.

Meanwhile Supramental tours regularly and plays dj-sets in many Russian cities. Base genre: from melodic to progressive breaks with can be found in different ways: from subtle sensual sunrise melodics to solid dark dynamics.