The work that we have the honor to listen to today is the EP “Monachopsis“, a work created with 4 hands by the Italian electronic duo Tabù.

It is a release composed of four high quality tracks: the first is the original mix that gives the name to the Ep, the remaining 3 tracks are interesting remixes by the producers Rome in Reverse, Sun Glitters and Stèv.

The track “Monachopsis” is a sentimental work, fusing experimental electronic, ambient and chillstep elements. A good groove accompanies the listener throughout the song, immersing him in the creative world of the artists.

The remix by producer Stèv is introspective, melancholic and catapults us into a glitch dimension, which seems to be without space or time.

Rome in Reverse, on the other hand, interprets “Monachopsis” in a more animated way, leaving room for a play of vocals and kick shots that transmit dynamism to the song.

Producer Sun Glitters transforms “Monachopsis” and gives it 80s synth elements, deep and three-dimensional.

“Monachopsis Ep” will include the self title track and three remixes made by international artists. It’s the last work of a concept-path that started with the double Ep “Liberosis”, in 2021. Monachopsis is the subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place”, Tabù told us.

Tabù was born in 2017 as a solo electronic music project.  In the summer of 2018 he released his first EP “Vent hole”, totally self-produced.

In 2019 the project evolved into a duo, who decided to wear masks built to keep their identity anonymous and making concrete those limits imposed by everyday-life.

As a duo they debut in April 2021 with a remix of a Platonick Dive song, “Polaroids”, released exclusively on BandCamp.

In June 2021 they released “Liberosis vol1” as the first Ep of a path entitled “Liberosis”.

Liberosis is the desire to care less about things, to loosen the grip on life, without being afraid of every step taken and decision made.

The Ep is followed by its counterpart “Liberosis Vol2” in December 2021, while in November 2022 Tabù had the opportunity to be opening-act for Christian Löeffler.

From 2022 they started to collaborate with Telavivi Records a Danish collective based in Italy and Denmark

In April 14th 2023 they released Monachopsis, first single of an self title Ep that will conclude the Liberosis concept.