Self-Fulfilling Prophecy” is the latest work by Swedish producer Thalassophobia.

This track is an hard hitting techno built for the underground, made with distorted drums, an acid-bassline, an eerie ambience, a breakbeat and a lead that’s constantly moving around like a worm, while dancing in your ears. The track evolves throughout its course and the small silence before the big peak makes the chorus hit you like a train.

“I’m Thalassophobia, based in Malmö, originally hailing from Gotland – says the artist -. My music has been shaped by the club culture of both Malmö and Copenhagen, as well as by two years spent in darkness in the far north forests of Sweden where I attended a music school. I’m passionate about heavy hitting kicks, rumbly bass, distorted drums, interesting leads and droning ambiences. In recent time I’ve also found a love for acid- and breakbeat elements. My music is primarily built for club use, but I’d say it works just as well in your headphones when you’re in the mood for some hard hitting techno. Follow me here on Spotify and make sure to check out my Instagram if you want to stay posted on new music and other things happening! All of my recent tracks can be downloaded for free via my Linktree“.