Where Your Head Goes” by american producers the KAZ brothers is an old school style but modern dubstep track with a hip hop beat and original sound design that takes the listener on a journey. Very well received in the local Detroit bass rave scene.

Gritty, Psychedelic, Big Beats. Producing music since the ages of 13, brothers, Christopher and David Kazanowski, combine their long-standing love for electronica with new EDM styles. The result is genre-defying dance floor-worthy explorations into various electronic subgenres, with a vibe that could only come from the home of techno, Detroit City.

The Kazanowski brothers are not just producers – they are audio alchemists, conjuring a unique sonic identity that is steeped in tradition yet fearlessly forward-thinking. Their music resonates with the echoes of the past, the pulse of the present, and the promise of the future.

This is not just about music. It’s about the journey, the exploration, the relentless pursuit of the extraordinary.

the KAZ brothers, a testament to the limitless potential of electronic music.