These boots are made for walkin’… And dancing! The Soulmate Project & Penny Maddox are back with yet another banger. Vintage samples and a Balkan-inspired house beat meet sassy vocals, empowering us to walk through life with confidence.

Bass and brass heavy “Keep my boots on” promises to become a staple at this year’s Electro Swing parties and keep the crowd moving all night. So, get into your favorite pair of boots and get your groove on!

Roman Andor Krotil’s THE SOULMATE PROJECT is a tasty crossover cocktail that pairs modern beats with decades of vintage music sounds. Influenced by DJs and Producers such as FATBOY SLIM, MARK RONSON, PAROV STELLAR, the producer and multi-instrumentalists creates a nostalgic yet fresh sound experience.

With his new album “Vintage Revisited” the producer has crafted a variety of songs ranging from jazzy Lo-fi Beats, over Funk to typical Electro-Swing sounds whilst also presenting a countertenor vocal style for songs like “Head Over Heels” and “Golden Superstar”.