The latest offering from The Woven Project, titled “Winds” and remixed by Foll, presents a mesmerizing blend of chillwave, glitch, and electronic elements that coalesce into a cohesive and engaging musical journey.

Foll, known for his intricate remix work, takes the reins once again after his acclaimed remix of “44” from last year’s EP, “Let Beautiful In”. This time, he reworks the second single “Winds”, completing The Woven Project’s “Let Beautiful In – Re:Woven” project. The remix process, which involved sharing stems with various collaborators, results in a uniquely eclectic collection of sounds and styles that somehow find harmony within the album’s overarching theme.

“Winds” opens with haunting sweeps of malfunctioning violin and sparse, fractured acoustic guitar notes, setting a dreamlike atmosphere. Jasmine’s ethereal vocals gently weave through this fractured soundscape, offering a calming contrast to the underlying tension hinted at by the glitchy instrumentation. Foll’s trademark glitch-laden beauty manipulates and fragments the instruments, blending heavy downtempo beats with electropercussive rhythms to create a bed that evolves alongside the vocals.

As the track progresses, a heartbeat-like bass drum enters, accompanied by woodblock percussion and electronic echoes that introduce their own counter rhythms. This transformation gently lifts the song from its ghostly introduction into a more structured yet still ethereal realm. Brian’s vocals join Jasmine’s, adding grounding warmth that complements her airy delivery, creating a compelling contrast that remains irresistible throughout.

The rhythmic elements in “Winds” are carefully crafted, with Foll skillfully manipulating instruments to maintain a delicate balance between glitchy textures and melodic coherence. The bassline, although understated, provides a steady pulse that grounds the evolving soundscape, ensuring that the listener remains engaged from start to finish.

Overall, “Winds” by The Woven Project, remixed by Foll, is a testament to the collaborative and experimental spirit of modern electronic music. It seamlessly merges diverse influences into a unified whole, offering listeners a captivating sonic journey that rewards repeated exploration. This album is a high-quality addition to any electronic music enthusiast’s collection, showcasing both technical prowess and emotional depth in equal measure.