French producer TRANSGRESSION sent us his new track, “She Thought About Killing Me“, which will be released on May 12, 2023. The work is very interesting and gives us a good dose of energy: post apocalyptic sounds give life to this electro/dark track. To listen.

Transgression’s debut EP Phobophobia, to be released on Enlace Records the 12th of May, is a straight reference to fears the artist has already felt. As a liberation struggle by the music, this EBM / dark synth’s vibe EP is inspired by Gesaffelstein and The Hacker’s sharp tones but brings also more deep and cinematic feelings. The result is a 3 original tracks EP, which come with 2 exclusive remixes, from the French artist NZM 99 and the Japanese BAROQUE, Transgression’s most recent inspirations.

Erreur sounds like an homage to Dopplereffekt and Kraftwerk, Transgression’s first musical love, blending electro tones with thick and shrill leads for heavy weight result. Lost Voices is definitely a club track, bringing richness in the bass, but also biting kicks and tough sounds appealing to the dance.

She Thought About Killing Me is the deepest track of the EP, thanks to this bright melody. The melancholic dimension feels like a real release on the dancefloor, as a final breath through the artist’s emotions.



  1. Erreur
  2. Lost Voices
  3. She Thought About Killing Me
  4. Erreur (BAROQUE remix)
  5. Lost Voices (NZM99 remix)

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