When thinking of electronic music, cities like Berlin, Chicago, and Ibiza often come to mind. However, the landscape of electronic music is expanding, and Tehran’s own Vispa is at the forefront with his debut hybrid electronic album, Ideas. Released on June 6th, Ideas marks a significant milestone, being the first album of its kind from Iran.

Ideas is an exploration of electronic and experimental music, with a unique blend that showcases Vispa’s innovative approach. The album’s rhythmic structure and basslines are particularly noteworthy. Each track is meticulously crafted, with intricate beats and deep, resonant bass that drive the music forward. The rhythmic elements are both complex and accessible, creating a dynamic listening experience that is both engaging and thought-provoking.

The album’s single, “Walking Into The Light,” serves as a perfect introduction to Vispa’s style. With roots in 80s pop production, this track pushes the format forward with bright and optimistic sounds that feel very much needed in today’s world. “Walking Into The Light” embodies the essence of what electronic music does best – filling out any dance floor it’s played on and bringing the dance floor to wherever it’s played from. The upbeat rhythms and uplifting melodies make it a standout track that is sure to resonate with listeners.

The 7-track project is heavily influenced by sci-fi themes, with titles like “Cosmic Force” and “Space Odyssey.” These tracks transport listeners to a futuristic soundscape, blending otherworldly synths with pulsating beats. The result is an album that feels not of this time but as if it has been sent from the future to showcase what electronic music could one day be.

Vispa’s journey to creating Ideas is as unique as the album itself. Known as Iran’s premier translator, Vispa has made a name for himself by translating between Farsi and English, earning the Grand Statuette of the Best Translator in the country. His expertise in translation seems to have influenced his music, as Ideas feels like a translation of abstract concepts and emotions into the language of music. The album is a re-imagining of his earlier works, with each track re-recorded, re-mixed, and re-mastered exclusively for this release. This meticulous process ensures that Ideas is the definitive way to experience Vispa’s artistic vision.

From start to finish, Ideas is a testament to Vispa’s ability to blend electronic and experimental music in a way that is both innovative and deeply personal. The quality of production is evident throughout, making this release a significant addition to the electronic music landscape. As the album becomes available across all platforms on June 6th, it’s clear that Vispa is an artist to watch. His debut album Ideas not only represents a new chapter for electronic music in Iran but also sets a high standard for the genre worldwide. We are thrilled to host this review on our webzine and highly recommend giving Ideas a listen.