self reflection‘ by British producer Xeuphoria is a relaxing, flowing piano piece – that uses stacked 5ths to create harmonic density alongside the soaring pads and gentle granular synth plucks.

Inspired by the aesthetics and intrigues of japanese anime, Xeuphoria, with over a decade of music composition and production experience creates uniquely emotional music, across all kinds of genres. Motivated by artists and musicians working with japanese animation, the girl in the blue hoodie with striped sleeves is the foundation of Xeuphoria’s style. She is the face of Xeuphoria’s brand, like a protagonist in a story, existing to experience, and to evolve – and the story is continued to be told through Xeuphoria’s music.

Eclectic composer, producer, and songwriter Xeuphoria has a personal relationship with the online music community. Pioneering the solo-piano improvisation genre, Xeuphoria also covers a wide range of genres: modern piano music, jazz, classical, electronic, dubstep, experimental, house, and much more.