The track ‘Gold’ by Danish producer Ani Even is a musical desire to become better after cataclysmic separation. A want and wish to cast yourself in a new mould. The track is comprised of throbbing synths, heavy bass and vocal samples which jitter in your peripheral space. A handshake between something ancient and industrial techno.

Psylectro cave-rave chancore music flows from the dream-web of Ani Even. Throbbing Gregorian chants, stonewashed synths, and booming bass gets your mind and body into the hypnotic stage of a self-therapeutic universe. Utilizing vocal tools ranging from kulning to throat-singing, Ani Even presents a handshake between old Norse and the digitally industrial. It’s the same old questions presented through Ani Even’s lyrics: life, death, love, and cosmos. You will not find the answer here, but every shimmer of light adds to the consciousness and emotional life of humankind.