Wondering around the city after an intense night out, the rain is turning the city into a jungle. “Pétrichor” by the French producer Seleminga is the sound of these inner thoughts coming after a night of none sense: a bit happy, a bit melancholic, a bit savage, and very free.

Seleminga is a French-Senegalese singer and producer based in Berlin. Mainly influenced by her trips but also the club culture, she is trying to cross all boundaries with her music. Also, the voices that she is using are claiming their sorrow in a language vortex. Digging among urbanity, she is shaping the soundscape of a city with which she is having a love/hate relationship. Thus, the experimental electronic music that she is producing displays some techno and trance sonority. 

Her new single “629” will be out on the 17.06.2022.