An engaging, hard, raw work. Techno. “Home Unknown” is the latest track by producer Anna Amato. A well-constructed song, with a cyborg vocal intro that introduces us to the artist’s world and, drop after drop, conquers us with her trip. The groove makes you dance and transmits energy. Absolutely to listen to.

“Home Unknown” mixes an underground minimal tech and techno style, with peak time driving techno. The single has been released on Germany record label Rage Against the Drum”, says Anna.

Anna has found her own critically acclaimed style between techno, underground tech house, and minimal sounds citing a refined sound palette built on artistic vibrancy. She does not follow what’s hot, but rather experiments with her ever growing love for for deep tech grooves, rolling basslines, hypnotic percussions, and atmospheric synths. She started her DJ career from her sofa at home – mixing for friends and smaller events in her hometown in Germany. She is now based in New York City.