Not Ready To Die” is the latest work by Australian producer Clare Easdown. An exciting work, accompanied by an engaging video clip. Dream pop and electronic sounds come together in this track, released on April 28th.

“If planet Earth were to write / produce you a song right now, this would be it – says Clare Easdown – “NOT READY TO DIE” is a desperate cry out for help, a plea for radical change to be made to save life as we know it today. In this track I have stripped Vocals from “Violence” by Grimes and modified the pitch and tempo. I have then repeated them throughout and on – top of an AI generated track and added a layer of my own vocals to it all. The result is a mixture of raw emotion and a urgent plea for help. Climate change is a hot topic at the moment and so it should be. If we do not address the current climate crisis we are all quite literally burnt toast.”, says Clare Easdown.