Following the release of his highly acclaimed single “Father State”, the recent winner of the Deutsche Popstiftung’s “Best Pop & Rock 2020” award makes a spectacular return with “MY ISTANBUL”.

FERHAT raises his voice against the oppression of love, religion and personal freedom, immersed in a captivating production that mesmerizingly fuses the traditional influences of his Turkish heritage with contemporary electronics. Turkish director Irmak Altiner delivers a powerful music video, illustrating a gloomy Istanbul in a series of painfully intimate close-ups:A simple salesman in a cheap fashion store went outside to smoke his cigarette–they came and said it‘s Ramadan and beat him down, so he won’t forget.My Istanbul, a poisoned breath is inhaling you.

MY ISTANBUL was written in collaboration with Syrian songwriter Masen Abou Dakn and recently nominated for the German Songwriting Award, captivating listeners and critics alike: In haunting black and white imagery, a bleak image of modern-day Istanbul is painted. ‘My Istanbul, a strange wind is blowing through my Istanbul‘, FERHAT cries out in agony and despair, processing the Taksim Square protests and the dreadful changes the Erdogan regime has brought. Jan Brauer of Brandt Brauer Frick accompany the release with their musical interpretation of MY ISTANBUL.

A production of absolute thickness is the one we present to you today: “Fonte” by the French producer AhHoc is a quality work, very well built and developed taking care of every detail. Audio and video come together in a beautiful trip, creating a work of art that excites us.

Available from May 12, 2023.