The Void” by peruvian producers Basement Scene takes listeners on a captivating and atmospheric journey through space, combining mesmerizing melodies and energetic rhythms. With a pulsing beat that drives momentum, the track infuses a captivating energy on the dance floor. It maintains a dark and mysterious atmosphere while incorporating melodic progressions that add depth, emotion and tension.

The Void‘ has already been included, together with the best exponents of melodic techno, in the “Beatport’s Best of Melodic House & Techno June” list, both on spotify and on the beatport platform.

We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to share the journey of ‘The Void’ with your discerning listeners.

Basement Scene is a peruvian DJ and production partnership created by Diego Peña and Bruno García who are currently exploring new sonic paradigms between artificial sounds and real-life recordings to showcase hypnotic and transcendental electronic music as a form of expression. They share a similar vision that brings together elements of Techno & House, with dramatic melodic influences from different styles and genres from all around the globe. Many of their productions can be recognized by their twisted, mysterious and energetic aura.